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Are you looking to take the next step towards optimizing your body's function and performance?

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What to expect during your first visit

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, my primary focus will be to guide you on a transformative journey toward peak performance and recovery. I'll conduct a comprehensive functional assessment, meticulously uncovering any underlying areas of concern to craft a personalized program designed to supercharge your overall performance. My approach seamlessly blends a variety of methods to optimize your health, lifestyle, and fitness, ultimately leading to remarkable performance gains.

The 'Functional Assessment' begins with a thorough discussion of your past and current health history. This dialogue allows me to gain deep insights into your starting point and any specific health issues that might be impacting both your physical and mental performance. We'll delve into your health, lifestyle, and fitness objectives, setting the stage for a tailored program that aligns with your goals.

Subsequently, I will conduct a comprehensive physical examination, assessing key aspects such as:

  • Posture

  • Joint Biomechanics

  • Muscle activation & strength

  • Nervous system communication

  • Brainwave patterns (EEG) & Stress Response Evaluation (heart rate, respiratory

 rate, heart variability, sEMG, skin conductance, and skin temperature)

Upon gathering and analyzing the information from the 'Functional Assessment', we'll meet for a 'Report Of Findings'. During this discussion, I'll share the discoveries from the assessment and chart a path to enhance your functionality and overall performance, enabling you to achieve and surpass your goals. If, in rare circumstances, additional diagnostic work or alternative care is necessary, I will make the appropriate referrals to ensure you receive the care need and deserve.

My programs revolve around your unique needs, objectives, and the unwavering commitment to elevate your functionality, empowering you to reach your highest potential in terms of performance and recovery.


Clinic located within Veressent Life Office

955 Cobalt Cres.

(807) 632-6449

Clinic Hours:


Monday        8am - 1:30pm

Tuesday         7am - 1:30pm  &  4pm - 7pm

Wednesday    CLOSED

Thursday        7am - 1:30pm  &  4pm - 7pm

Friday            8am - 1pm

Saturday        10am - 12pm

Sunday           CLOSED

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