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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about something? The answer may just be a swipe away.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an alternative form of healthcare that focuses on identifying and correcting joint dysfunctions withouts drugs or surgery. Because large portions of the nervous system, like the spinal cord and nerves, are protected by the spine, dysfunction of the spine and extremity joints can have significant impacts on the way nerves communicate. These nerves provide messaging for such things as muscle contraction and sensation, but also regulation of internal organs.

What is an adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust, performed by the hands or by an instrument, that is aimed at restoring proper motion to a joint of the spine or extremity. Restoring range of motion of a joint can relieve stress, relax muscles, and allow the nervous system to function more efficiently.

Why do you hear a pop, click, crack, or audible sound from an adjustment?

The high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) chiropractic thrust brings the dysfunctional joint past its restrictive barrier to restore motion. This thrust causes a release of negative pressure within the joint space that results in a pop, click, crack, or audible sound commonly associated with an adjustment. This process is normal, but a pop, click, crack, or audible sound is not required to restore motion within a joint.

How many treatments will it take to improve my condition?

There is no set number of treatments that will guarantee improvements or specific outcomes. When implementing a treatment plan or program of care there are a number of factors, about an individual's overall health, that must be considered. A thorough functional assessment is used to assess the overall health and help construct a program of care that puts you in the best position to reach your health and wellness goals.

How often do you need to get adjusted or treated?

The frequency of adjustments and treatments is unique to the individual patient and determined by a thorough functional assessment and discussed during the 'Report of Findings' follow-up appointment.

Does every patient get adjusted the same way?

The simple answer is NO. A thorough functional assessment and history is performed prior to receiving a chiropractic adjustment. This assessment examines joint motion, motor control of the muscles, and the function of the nervous system. While there are patterns of dysfunction that are commonly seen, it is quite rare for two people to present with the same dysfunction throughout the body and thus the treatment performed is specific to each individual.

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