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"Understanding the Signals: How to Prevent Injuries Before They Happen"

Are injuries inevitable? Or do we continually ignore our body's subtle signals until it is forced to SCREAM? The body is an excellent communicator and understanding its warning signals can help detect impending injury.

  • Understanding the body's warning signals → The body's nervous system is in constant pursuit of homeostasis. It intuitively communicates to all the cells of our body to promote balance throughout the system. Understanding and paying attention to the subtle signals that it utilizes to communicate can be a great tool for preventing injuries.

  • Common warning signals of an impending injury:

    • Muscular imbalances and compensatory movement patterns

    • Joint stiffness and decreased range of motion

    • Persistent fatigue and lack of recovery

    • Changes in mood and increased irritability

    • Sleep disturbances

  • Strategies for identifying warning signals → Bringing awareness and understanding to our body's subtle signals and acknowledging them can be one of the most valuable strategies in injury prevention. However, our subjective interpretation is not always reliable so utilizing routine self-assessment techniques or wearable health monitoring devices can reveal signals even sooner. Keeping a journal provides opportunity to reflect on our daily events and acknowledge symptoms and patterns. Lastly, seeking professional guidance or coaching allows for a trained eye to observe subtle changes or pattern that you are not currently aware of.

Listen to our body before it has to SCREAM!

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